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What is Cast Steel?

Cast steel is a type of metal created by heating iron using a crucible container. Its creation was due to a revolutionary process invented by an Englishman, Benjamin Huntsman, the 1751. Cast steel allowed for a more uniform composition of, and fewer impurities in, steel than any previous manufacturing process.

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High carbon cast steel (0.5% carbon) is used when maximum hardness and wear resistance are desired. Alloyed cast steel. Alloyed cast steel is categorized as either low- or high-alloy. Low-alloy cast steel ( 8% alloy content) behaves similarly to normal carbon steel, but with higher hardenability.

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Cast steel definition, any of various steels cast in molds to form objects. See more.

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The new formula is well suited for cast, nodular, mallable and gray iron, carbon steels, cast steel, high-speed and stainless steels, alloy steels, non-ferrous aluminum, brass copper and bronze materials.

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Cast steel is a carbon iron alloy that contains less than 2% of carbon by weight. This material is produced by heating iron using a crucible container. In addition to carbon and iron, the cast steel contains one or more other metallic elements such as manganese, copper, aluminum, silicon, or chromium.

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Cast Steel Products LP (CSP) is a North American company and leading worldwide supplier to OEM and aftermarket of state of the art and innovatively engineered cast, forged and fabricated wear, abrasion and heat resistant products. We have a successful track record of supplying global mining and mineral processing, oil sands, oil & gas, steel, aluminum, cement, power and railway industries , cast steel

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